Staci adapts to the CSR of each country

Staci, a major player in multi-channel logistics, is a partner that’s:

which draws in its values ​​the conviction that its commercial and financial strategy is embedded in its strong commitment for socially responsible business practice 

of its responsibility towards guiding and conducting business  that ensures long term sustainability and its positive impact on mankind and the planet

to a continuous improvement process in line with the Objectives of Sustainable Development set by the UN



Our Group CSR commitments

Support, commitment and innovation: three strong values that guide us every day at Staci and drive us to do better and better for our customers and employees.

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As a major player in multi-channel logistics, Staci is an ambitious, aware, and committed partner.

Staci’s management makes every effort to help everyone achieve their full potential and provide concrete responses to create and maintain this bond with the company.

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