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Transparent Fulfillment Pricing


Based on your volume and requirements, we will provide a comprehensive quote that includes: 

  • Inbound / receiving fees per pallet, master carton or unit.
  • Outbound costs that include pick, pack and carton fees separated for B2B and B2C, along with any value added services you require, such as kitting.
  • Return fees based on your requirements.
  • Storage fees based on pallets or bins.


Staci has three strategically placed shipping and fulfillment centers across the United States with a 2-day or less US domestic transit time. As a leading 3PL company, Staci offers efficient and affordable shipping solutions for a variety of industries.

Through a strategic network of multi-client and dedicated facilities, Staci is able to incorporate packaging, kitting, order fulfillment and light assembly into its services while remaining cost-effective. Staci also offers the opportunity for personalization and branding to promote customer loyalty.

At Staci, we think global and act local. Let’s start creating your ideal fulfillment solutions today.

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