Staci Customer Support®

Organizing and managing customer relationships is a Staci specialty. Whether implementing projects or managing logistics solutions, Staci offers personalized customer care solutions to ensure your activities' successful delivery:

- Our dedicated customer teams at each of our sites guarantee your logistics contract's successful execution and implementation of continuous improvement plans, combining a strategic and tactical resource
- A multi-lingual Customer Contact Team located in each country.

A project team

During the analysis phase and during its deployment, business experts are by your side to steer the project

Dedicated contact people

An Account Manager and a dedicated business manager to support you on a daily basis

Steering committees

According to a pre-established schedule, we provide you with regular updates about your activity

Progress plans

With you, we continuously optimise the logistics solutions implemented

Performance indicators

Activity reporting and quality summaries to regularly analyse performance

A Customer contact

Contact people based in France who communicate with you and answer all your questions

Expert advisers on their sectors

Staci supports companies in developing their logistics projects both nationally and internationally. This support translates concretely with the deployment of project teams and mobilisation of dedicated resources, in order to manage and permanently optimise customised logistics solutions.