How Analytics Add Value

Power BI

Staci is committed to continuous improvement of service by implementing trackable, innovative solutions. Staci integrated Microsoft Power BI to enable access to real time, secure and accurate data that is retrieved at every stage in the process from when inventory first arrives at the warehouse until final delivery. As a premier 3PL provider, Staci analyzes vast amounts of highly secure data to support your company’s strategies and create well-informed decisions.

Power BI allows our customers to access and develop customizable dashboards and management reports that provide strategic insights into KPIs that are most valuable to their business. In just a few clicks, you will have access to intuitive, easy to use reporting, designed and developed for B2B and B2C businesses. 

  • Enjoy responsive design that is accessible on PC, tablets and smartphones. 
  • Control your inventory and order flows via real-time tracking and validation workflow.
  • Analyze, monitor and adjust your inventory and consumption at a glance using BI reporting that highlights your KPIs.

By integrating Power BI into our WMS, we are able to give you detailed visibility of all goods moving through our sites with real-time accuracy, which allows you to always be available for your customers. 

Grow your revenue with AI-powered packing operations

Rabot Technology

We partnered with Rabot to improve efficiency and quality of every packed order at our warehouses using an AI powered machine vision system.

Rabot uses AI powered technology to drive improvement in three key areas at Staci.

  1. Traceability: Staci knows exactly what happens at each packing station to ensure that your order is picked and packed correctly. 
  2. Throughput Improvement: Staci has achieved a 20% improvement in packing efficiency.
  3. Damage Prevention: Packer Assist AI gives real time feedback to the packer to ensure products are packed correctly so each item arrives to the customer in perfect condition.
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Actionable Customer Service Insights

Zoho CRM

Staci integrated innovative Zoho CRM software with Power BI to increase client satisfaction and customer service productivity. Zoho CRM has the ability to create blueprints for client questions, which result in quicker response times and the creation of more efficient solutions. Available on mobile devices, Zoho CRM allows Staci to access vital, real-time client queries and allows clients to easily contact Staci with any questions.

Zoho CRM also creates the opportunity to:

  • Understand the average response time for client inquiries and implement updates to increase client satisfaction.
  • Integrate standard processes across all teams to increase efficiency and lower client costs.
  • Customize page layouts to fit the needs of specific clients and businesses.
  • Acknowledge the variety of requests clients make and create solutions based on noticeable patterns.
  • Resolve inquiries by communicating directly with the client.


The organization of 63 multi-client logistics hubs utilizing shared resources generates very significant economies of scale. This model makes it possible to vary costs with a “pay as you use” pricing structure, unlike one-way -client solutions with fixed cost structures on dedicated logistics sites.

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Organizing and managing customer relationships is a Staci specialty. Whether implementing projects or managing logistics solutions, Staci offers personalized customer care solutions to ensure your activities’ successful delivery:

  • Our dedicated customer teams at each of our sites guarantee your logistics contract’s successful execution and implementation of continuous improvement plans, combining a strategic and tactical resource
  • A multi-lingual Customer Contact Team located in each country.
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Staci e-logistic brings together innovation and all the digital support solutions for our customers and their logistics projects: e-procurement, e-commerce, BI, reporting, and digital POS…

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