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Multi-channel logistics and Fulfillment Services

Staci is a leading provider of supply chain end-to-end solutions. We support eCommerce, B2C and B2B Clients across a diverse range of industries. Our core services include multi-channel integrated fulfillment solutions (direct to customer, retail and wholesale customers), kitting, complex packaging, logistics and warehousing.

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Staci is committed to providing flexible solutions for your company’s specific needs. Our expert team uses advanced fulfillment order and management systems at each of our strategically located fulfillment centers to ensure that your products arrive to your customers quickly, efficiently and effectively with 2-day delivery windows.

Our simplified onboarding process allows your company to easily start operations and begin fulfillment while maintaining control of inventory with real time inventory management, adept customer service and product selection with options for product personalization. Staci assigns a lead account manager with a specialized team to each client with full reverse logistics capabilities, which allows for swift and flexible solutions for your omni-channel supply chain. In this ever-adapting landscape, Staci remains committed to providing you with innovative and flexible solutions.

Our locations

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Our services include: above industry accuracy in inventory receipt and controls, pallet storage, pick and pack, kitting and assembly, co-packing, cross-docking, transport and distribution, reverse logistics, invoicing and payment collection, customer support, API and web services, B2B webshops, ecommerce web stores, marketplaces and more.

Warehousing and Storage Solutions

Staci has three strategically placed fulfillment centers across the United States where our warehouse teams receive and check in products from your company’s suppliers while ensuring that the specific product barcodes, weights, dimensions and images are correctly recorded in our WMS system.

Pick and Pack

Staci uses innovative Rabot technology to ensure complete order accuracy while maintaining our stellar 99.9% average order fulfillment accuracy rate. Our pick and pack checks help eliminate returns due to incorrect or damaged items. It also easily integrates with your sales channels so our team can retrieve orders as soon as they are requested. 


Staci provides a 2-day or less domestic US transit time to ensure that your customers receive your products in a timely manner. We offer discounted shipping rates across a variety of carriers to provide cost-effective and efficient delivery options to help drive sales and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Returns Management

Staci tailors its reverse logistics to each customer from product returns with simple stock reintegration to complex services and inspections as well as refurbishments or repairs by teams of technicians. Staci also looks after the reuse of end-of-life products and their recycling while complying with existing regulations.

Staci uses an extensive checks system while operating pick and pack to mitigate any potential returns due to damaged or incorrect items. Our system greatly eliminates risk, but on the off chance that a customer wants to return a product, our platform makes it easy to begin the return process while providing key data on the consumer.

POS Materials and Point of Purchase Retail Displays

Your brand image is critical. Deadlines and quality requirements must be met to ensure the success of product launches and marketing campaigns. Trust Staci with the logistics of your marketing, promotional and communication materials such as POS, events, displays, installations, samples, flyers, posters, banners, promotional products and more. Our team will guarantee that your points of sale and sales teams have all the necessary tools to support promotions, sales growth and day-to-day operations.


Our Expertise

Staci has expertise in a wide range of specialty fulfillment services, which means that our warehouses are optimized to provide solutions for a variety of industries. Explore some of the many markets we serve below.


Our team understands what it takes to make it in the fashion industry. Customers expect fast shipping times, which Staci can provide with its bi-coastal and regional warehousing solutions. Our innovative technology also allows our team to ensure accurate shipments, track online returns and easily monitor inventory management. Our technology allows for a seamless returns process, which can include refurbishment when needed. 

Cosmetics and Skin Care

Brands that provide beauty products and cosmetics to their customers entrust Staci with the multi-channel distribution of their mass market and luxury products. Staci implements tailored cosmetics warehouse solutions at each of its locations to ensure that sensitive, valuable products are managed securely while remaining in line with sector-specific regulatory standards and various product management systems such as batch numbers, BBE and proof-tags. Our multi-channel, multi-carrier delivery model also provides complete compatibility across the distribution channels used, including ecommerce and B2C, Direct-to-Store, delivery to D2C and B2B, influencers, sales agents and more.

Luxury Goods

Staci ensures the security of all luxury product orders from the arrival at our 24/7 surveillanced and restricted luxury goods area to packaging, shipping and final destination. Customers expect luxury goods to arrive in pristine condition, completely untarnished and ready to be eagerly opened, which is why our team takes extra precautions during every step of the process.

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Subscription Boxes

Pet toys, skincare, tea, jewelry, technology subscription boxes for every industry are steadily growing in popularity. Staci creates specialized solutions for your company’s unique subscription box to generate customer retention and brand loyalty through our quick shipping methods, customizable package plans and online tracking services.

subscription box warehouse 3pl

Dry Goods: Tea and Coffee

Staci provides dry goods storage and order fulfillment services from our 3 strategically located warehouses. Our adherence to strict quality assurance procedures creates a secure and efficient 3PL chain that quickly fulfills orders. Our team also offers custom kitting with multiple SKUs for larger orders from direct customers and retail locations. You can rely on Staci to provide your customer with their essential morning cup of coffee or tea.

dry goods tea and coffee warehouse 3pl

Our values

  • Partnership Tailor-made & cost-effective supply chain solutions regardless of your company's size or needs.
  • Commitment Dedicated team with a lead Account Manager responsible for all your business' day-to-day operations.
  • Innovation End-to-end simplified solutions for complex supply chains.
  • Sustainability Continuous reduction of transportation carbon footprint, optimization of waste output, use of recycled and sustainable packaging material, conservation of warehouse energy with solar and renewables

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